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the name
TOQUE Canada

təʊk/ or "two-k"


    a close-fitting knitted hat, often with a tassel or pom-pom on the crown.

Toque Canada is an iconic streetwear brand, offering authentic toques each representing the provinces and territories that make up our great nation. One toque for each region which correlates to an entrenched colour of that area.

Pride of Place. We set out to create a brand that captures the essence of the Canadian outdoors with a rich heritage and portfolio of premium headwear. The power of our brand comes from our diverse Canadian geography, something we are all proud of and international guests travel far and wide to see firsthand. Our iconic Canadian brand defines Canadian style and we have successfully exported our heritage globally. Already we have achieved brand awareness in our home market primarily through word-of-mouth marketing and unpaid celebrity and professional athlete affirmation. While ‘toque’ is synonymous with Canada, the reach of our brand is truly international.

Diversified product portfolio with enduring icons. Our customers associate our products with style, comfort, functionality, and versatility. We offer a range of products and we intend to be at the forefront of Canadian style for generations. Serving as the foundation of our distinct identity, many of our iconic pieces inspire our broad demographic and introduce seasonal excitement throughout our product offering.

Broad demographic appeal with strong loyalty. Our products transcend generations. From summer camps and dorm rooms to first apartments and family vacations, we have helped shape the memories of our consumers from coast-to-coast-to-coast and abroad. We believe people are inspired by our passion for our heritage and rich Canadian identity, whether they have just discovered Toque Canada for the first time or have known us since inception. In an era of rapid change, when many brands are searching for relevance, we believe our guiding principles and product values continue to resonate with our target consumers. By staying true to our heritage, we attract a loyal following of independent young professionals while also appealing to adventurous students and ageless generations who have always known the simple but entirely Canadian word, ‘toque.’

Lara Hurtubise 

TOQUE canada was founded in 2017 by an expat who understood the symbolism of the word toque and the importance they play in the cold Canadian winters. Inspired by Canadian style and culture TOQUE canada provides stylish and essential winter items.  


Founder Lara in a Nova Scotia Bluenose Blue Toque